The Jewish Educator Portal's Purim Resources Collection has engaging resources for every type of learner. With lesson plans and activities for Early Childhood through Teens, and multiple learning modalities, students will have the opportunity to develop their Jewish knowledge and identity through studying the holiday of Purim.

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Unmasking Mental Health - A Purim Art Activity

Explore the masks that you wear every day with this introspective mask making project.

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Joy and Generosity: Giving on Purim

Make giving to others the centerpiece of your Purim celebration with this activity.

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Masks over different colored heads with symbols

A comprehensive list of Purim activities sorted into different learning methods and perspectives.

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The Megillah Project is an online platform of 30 videos and curated content exploring The Book of Esther.

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Understanding Your Community Through the Story of Purim

Using the lens of Mordecai and Haman, this project has students consider the good and bad in their lives.

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The Meaning Behind Purim Hamantaschen

“They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat.” certainly holds true for Purim- so why the Hamantaschen?

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Clothes hanging

In this Purim lesson, students consider inward identity and outward image through the lens of Jewish women.

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Purim! Special Devash Edition

These special editions of Devash feature a Megillah Scavenger Hunt and learning about the 4 Mitzvot.

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Going Incognito

Students write a D’var Torah based on the theme of hiddenness in Megillat Esther.

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Purim with the National Library of Israel

Come and discover beautiful megillot, photographs, posters, and much more.

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Children in costumes playing

An exploration of the Book of Esther through the lens of multiple identities.

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An intergenerational program for families with children ages 5–9 to bring the story of Purim to life by creating puppets.

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The Deal with the Spiel, Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Purim Programming

A webinar exploring how Jewish organizations can celebrate Purim while remaining inclusive and respectful.

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Hide and Seek - A Purim Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt for exploring the Megillah and discovering its hidden elements.

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Purim Resources

These newly-updated resources include lesson plans as well as tools for celebrating Purim online.

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Purim activities and a song sheet accessible for pre-readers and students with disabilities.

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Find activities, infographics, text-based sessions, and other materials related to Purim.

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Purim-themed stickers

Book lists, activities and recipes to celebrate Purim with young kids.

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Chocolate Hanantaschen and piping bag with icing

Learn the story of Purim and how to celebrate with these fun videos.

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children in costumes

Questions and activities to accompany the reading of The Purim Superhero

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Golden mask

Explore hot topics related to the Purim story with teens, like consent, representation and class.

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Invite students to consider: What if Esther and Vashti had met and were in a community together?

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Interactive Purim Discovery Kit for grandparents and grandchildren (ages 3–8) to use together — either in person or at a distance.

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From Our Educator Contributors

An Escape the Room style game for Purim.

Jonathan Fass
Jonathan Fass
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Use these activities to help your students come up with their own Jewish jokes.

Sari Kopitnikoff
Sari Kopitnikoff
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A coloring page of two young children delivering Mishloach Manot. Printable.

Ann Koffsky
Ann Koffsky
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Purim Coloring Pages

This fun Purim coloring page features a clown juggling Hamantaschen alongside a Purim basket.

Jewish Educational Printables
Jewish Educational Printables
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Mordechai Makes a Scene

Prof. Negelvasser describes the drama of Mordechai's public demonstration of mourning.

Rabbi Rob Meyers
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