The Jewish Educator Portal's Purim Resources Collection has engaging resources for every type of learner. With lesson plans and activities for Early Childhood through Teens, and multiple learning modalities, students will have the opportunity to develop their Jewish knowledge and identity through studying the holiday of Purim.

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Clothes hanging

In this Purim lesson, students consider inward identity and outward image through the lens of Jewish women.

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Circles of Responsibility Purim preview

This lesson is designed for students to engage in a chesed (kindness) project in the context of the mitzvot of Purim.

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Masks over different colored heads with symbols

A comprehensive list of Purim activities sorted into different learning methods and perspectives.

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Unmasking Mental Health - A Purim Art Activity

Explore the masks that you wear every day with this introspective mask making project.

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Joy and Generosity: Giving on Purim

Make giving to others the centerpiece of your Purim celebration with this activity.

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Purim Masks

Create fun and easy Purim masks geared toward Pre-K through 2nd grade students.

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Ji Bytes Purim

Ji Bytes Purim offers videos, crafts, games and digital creation projects for a virtual purim with friends.

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Understanding Your Community Through the Story of Purim

Using the lens of Mordecai and Haman, this project has students consider the good and bad in their lives.

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Creative Resources for Purim on Ji Tap

Create your own E-book of the story of Purim, and make a Virtual Michloach Manot to send to family and friends.

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Pile of Hamantaschen

Discover the connection between Avodah, Jewish pride, and Purim with this comprehensive lesson plan.

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The Megillah Project

The Megillah Project is an online platform of 30 videos and curated content exploring The Book of Esther.

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Hide and Seek - A Purim Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt for exploring the Megillah and discovering its hidden elements.

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The Meaning Behind Purim Hamantaschen

“They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat.” certainly holds true for Purim- so why the Hamantaschen?

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Cyber Purim Carnival

Use this collection of activities to create a joyous and meaningful cyber Purim carnival.

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Purim! Special Devash Edition

This special edition of Devash features a Megillah Scavenger Hunt and learning about the 4 Mitzvot.

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