Puppeting Purim (and Other Holiday Stories) Program Guide


In this intergenerational program drawn from the Jewish Grandparents Network Family Room, families with children ages 5–9 bring the story of Purim to life by creating and using puppet characters.  They:

  • Engage in a creative and fun Jewish learning experience as a family (children, parents, grandparents, other family members).
  • Become familiar with the Purim story and the names of the characters.
  • Use puppets for a participatory storytelling experience that can build the storyteller’s confidence as they bring the story to life.

This guide includes everything you need: materials, room set-up, timing, facilitator script, links to resources on JGN website, and follow-up. 

Visit the Jewish Grandparents Network Family Room for experiences and resources that help grandparents infuse their relationship with their grandchildren with Jewish culture, values, and traditions. 

You can adapt the experiences for family programs; see How to Create Your Own Program Guides Using Family Room Experiences (JGN)

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