How to Create Your Own Lesson Plans Using Family Room Experiences


There is abundant excellent content online; how do you adapt it for your educational setting? 

This short guide is a road map for choosing experiences in the Jewish Grandparents Network Family Room and adapting them for programs in educational settings.

It's a useful how-to for creating lesson plans around other web content too. 

Includes how to: choose experiences that you think are best for your setting, establish goals, decide on the type of program (intergen or skip-gen, i.e., grandparents and grandchildren without parents), and plan and prepare. 

For other ready-to-use program guides, see Taking Photos - Telling Stories Program Guide (JGN) and How to Make a Family Portrait — with Hanoch Piven (JGN). Search on Jewish Grandparents Network for all 8 program guides. 

This how-to guide leads you to critically assess if the content is right for your community and provides ways to build a lesson plan or course around it. 

Visit the Jewish Grandparents Network Family Room for experiences for families in the areas of the Arts, Celebrations & Holidays, Cooking & Food, Family Stories, Health & Wellbeing, and much more. 



  • After School and Beyond
  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Teen Engagement
  • Family Engagement