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Hebrew School Podcast

Explore a game show podcast for kids from Tablet Studios, with Educational Materials from The Jewish Education Project

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Cover image for the video "Hanukkah, Hellenization, and Hasmoneans". Text reads "Hanukkah: The True Story"

In this video, the history of Chanukah is examined from its beginnings: politics, wars, sacrifices, and victories.

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Light Up The Night A Chanukah Conversation Starter

Questions for discussing the message of the Chanukah lights

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Mental Health Menorah

Build your own mental health menorah, and channel the resilience of the Maccabees into your Hanukkah experience.

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The Wonder of Miracles: family/classroom learning activities

This handful of texts—like the small jug of oil—will give you a chance to wonder about miracles in the world around you.

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A Star of David on a gate to a cemetery with tombstones in background

Rabbi Melanie Levav and David Bryfman discuss talking about death and dying in Jewish education.

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Upcoming Professional Development

Applications due: Nov 30

A fellowship for newer teachers in supplemental Jewish education.

Applications due: Dec 5

This fellowship provides an opportunity for personal understanding of complex topics related to Israel and Jewish Peoplehood.

Applications due: Jan 10

Join us for a series of trainings centered around the pedagogy of argument in support of Israel education.

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Chanukah with the National Library of Israel

Use primary sources from the National Library of Israel to discover a variety of Chanukah/Hanukkah customs.

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Greening Chanukah Guide

The Greening Chanukah Guide offers an overview of Chanukah through the lens of sustainability.

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Devash: Parashat Vayeitzei

In this issue: What does it mean that Leah's eyes were "rakkot"? What prayer do you say on a journey?

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