Our Community Guidelines


The Jewish Educator Portal is a central source for Jewish educators to explore and share quality educational resources and opportunities for professional growth.  To maintain a healthy and robust community of learners we have established these Community Guidelines.

The Jewish Educator Portal is designed as a meeting place for Jewish education ideas and ideals from across the spectrum of ideology and practice. The Jewish Education Project welcomes the diversity of opinion that reflects a vibrant Jewish community.  The Jewish Educator Portal is not a forum for advocacy or the discussion of politics or social policy.  

As The Jewish Educator Portal evolves, so will these guidelines.  It is of the utmost importance to us that users feel safe and confident in both their participation on the site and with the resources and learning opportunities available. Feel free to ask for advice or share your expertise. We encourage the community to learn with and from each other.  

To participate in our online community you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Provide a valid email address when registering for an account
  • Treat other members of the community with respect
  • Give feedback and criticism constructively; in the spirit of allowing all users to expand their knowledge and share their passion for Judaism and Jewish education
  • Share resources that are either in the public domain or for which you are the creator or owner
  • Review the resources you share for appropriate language, grammar, and spelling

To participate in our online community you must not:

  • Use inflammatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, or obscene language or post content of that nature
  • Contribute content that advocates for changes in political or social policy without an education framework
  • Solicit personal information from other users
  • Impersonate another user, site moderators, or an employee of The Jewish Education Project
  • Use the portal to phish, spam, or advertise or solicit employment or professional opportunities

The Jewish Education Project reserves the right to delete any content that violates these Community Guidelines. Users may receive a warning or be prohibited from participation if these Community Guidelines are violated.  Consult our FAQ or email us at educator@Jewishedproject.org for any clarification.

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