Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Educator Portal?

The Jewish Educator Portal is a central source for Jewish educators working with children and their families from birth through high school graduation to explore and share quality educational resources, including curricular links, podcasts, articles, themed collections, and an ever-growing set of professional development and network opportunities.

Who is behind The Jewish Educator Portal?

The Jewish Educator Portal is a project of The Jewish Education Project a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers educators to create transformative Jewish experiences. If you are interested in learning more about the work of The Jewish Education Project, please visit

Who supports the Educator Portal?

The Jewish Educator Portal, is made possible with the generous support of the Jim Joseph Foundation and The Maimonides Fund through the Jewish Community Response and Impact Fund (JCRIF), and The GS Humane Foundation.

Who can use the Educator Portal?

Anyone. The Educator Portal is primarily for Jewish educators seeking educational resources or looking for professional development opportunities. But the site also is for anyone who is passionate and wants to learn more about Jewish Education. 

If I find a resource I like, can I save it to use later?

Yes. To save a resource, click the SAVE TO MY LIBRARY button on a resource or opportunity. Note that to save resources, you must be logged in/have an account.

Can I share a resource with a colleague?

Yes. To share a resource, click the SHARE button on a resource or opportunity. You can also share a resource by going to the saved item in MY LIBRARY and clicking the “share” icon next to the resource.

Where can I find my saved resources?

Saved resources can be found in MY LIBRARY. Think of this as your personal Jewish education inspiration space. Come back anytime.

Do I need to create a user profile to save a resource?

Yes. You do not need a user profile to view resources, but you must create a user profile and sign in to share and save. 

How can I attend an upcoming opportunity?

To attend an upcoming opportunity, click the REGISTER HERE button.

Still have questions or need some help? Contact us.