Sukkot Shleimut With Wholeness AND Peacefulness


At times, we may feel like we’re wandering in the desert, not knowing what will come next. But on Sukkot, we are commanded to find joy and holiness, despite the fear uncertainty brings. Even if you don't have an opportunity to sit in a Succah or attend synagogue, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the holiday and use the teachings of Sukkot to strengthen our resilience and mental well-being.

On Sukkot we shake one fruit and three species (palm, willow and myrtle branches),  together, each representing something unique. We often refer to these four species as the lulav and etrog. According to Sefer ha'Chinuch (#285), each of the four relates to a particular body part that we can use to connect with the holy and with a value.

Using the printable pieces below (full sizes at end of resource), you can create your own lulav and etrog. You also can simply use construction paper. Write your answers to the questions below on the corresponding pieces of the paper lulav and etrog you create. Feel free to decorate!



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