The Megillah Project


The Book of Esther is traditionally read on the holiday of Purim. In synagogues, it is often chanted to a special melody and read from a scroll—megillah is the Hebrew word for scroll—and even though there are other scrolls, Jews often refer to The Book of Esther as "The Megillah." The Book of Esther is indeed a unique text in the canon of Jewish literature, opening its content to multiple interpretations. We have gathered here a collection of perspectives on this rich text, bringing together scholars, rabbis, artists, teachers, poets, and readers to shed light on The Book of Esther from a wide variety of disciplines and sources of knowledge. 

We believe that a plurality of voices can be brought together to explore the vast canon of Jewish literature. Tradition tells us that the Torah has “seventy faces,” and we look forward to exploring them with you.

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Bringing together these varied perspectives was made possible by a collaboration between BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social ChangeJudaism Unbound929 EnglishThe Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto, and jewishLIVE



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