Purim with the National Library of Israel


Purim is an exciting and colorful festival, as are the primary sources that give evidence to the different aspects of the day. Discover a wonderful megillah that was read in the seventeenth century, photographs of children and even a street in fancy dress, a Purim plate used for mishloah manot, as well as posters advertising Purim balls and contests to see how Purim was celebrated in years gone by.

You can also find Purim activity consisting of four stations which review the four Purim mitzvot - reading the Megillah, giving Mishloach Manot, partaking in a Seudah (festive meal), and giving Matanot L’evyonim (tzedakah).

Plus check out our printable Megillah Mystery for learners to piece together the story of Purim and reveal a hidden message!



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