Educational Activities to Learn & Celebrate Israel


Learn and Celebrate Israel at the same time - Learn-A-Brate!

Learn and Celebrate Israel: A collection of interactive virtual ed games by The Jewish Education Project.

  • A selection of Israel virtual educational games and activities, home-grown by The Jewish Education Project, perfect for engaging around Yom HaAtzma'ut. Interactive virtual games are one way to address the challenge of remote learning. Games also improve social skills, tighten bonds and are an effective approach to increase motivation, capture attention and improve concentration.

Israel Pursuit

  • Israel Pursuit connects your students with others from around the world, educates them about Israel’s history and culture, and actively engages them in a competition for exciting prizes. Perfect for in-person or remote classrooms, the content and contests cover Israel’s history, culture, and current events. This year regional winners will come together for a live, online, celebrity-studded final tournament on Zoom for epic prizes.

Are you smarter than DBG?

  • David Ben Gurion often included biblical quotes from the Tanach (which was always on his desk) in speeches and letters. As Israel’s first Prime Minister, he founded Chidon HaTanach (חִידוֹן הַתּנ"ך), a worldwide Bible competition for all ages. The final round is a televised event in Jerusalem on Yom Ha’atzmaut. In the spirit of this legacy, let’s see how much we know about Israel as we celebrate another year of accomplishments and challenges, innovation, culture, and technology.

Yom HaAtzma'ut Resource Pack - National Library of Israel

  • A collection from the National Library of Israel, Includes primary sources, lesson plans, videos, and other resources, commemorating the State of Israel's independence.



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