Since the attack on Israel on October 7, Jewish educators in all settings have been called to teach about Israel in unprecedented and challenging ways. Whether you are educating students about antisemitism, teaching the history of the conflict, providing emotional support, or are struggling yourself to understand what is happening and how to teach about it, we are here for you.

This resource collection provides practical tools and guides for educators to help learners engage with what is happening in age- and setting-appropriate ways, as well as support for educators.

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Webinars and Podcasts from The Jewish Education Project

Two hands reaching out to touch one other
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View recordings of adaptable text studies that explore Jewish connection, diversity, and responsibilities.

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A window-shaped artwork, set in a wall in a street in Jerusalem.
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Explore cultural content created by Israelis since October 7th to share with your learners.

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Israeli Flag blowing in old city
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A webinar recorded on Oct. 10, 2023 to provide guidance for educators and parents.

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See a recorded webinar on best practices for working with teens at this unprecedented time.

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Watch to hear from leading voices from the field of Israel education and embrace the call to action.

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In the wake of devastation coming out of Israel, Jewish educators have been grappling with how to best communicate the events unfolding with their students.

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Hands on top of hands

The Jewish community is still reeling from the massacre that Hamas carried out in Israel over one week ago.

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Engaging Learners around what Happened and what is Happening

Parents of Hersh Goldberg-Polin seated together

How can the voices of the parents inspire us to civic and spiritual action for their release?

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A seder plate, with seder items hidden in jars like the afikoman, as part of the ritual in this resource.

How might we integrate hope for the return of our hostages into our Seders this year? How might we meaningfully engage an intergenerational group with the hostage issue at the Seder table?

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A painting of a field of poppies

A Haggadah supplement from the Hartman Institute for Passover 2024

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Seder table

A Haggadah supplement to older teens in light of October 7th.

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Aerial view of buildings in Gaza

FAQs to deepen understanding of the current situation in Israel and Gaza. Created by The iCenter.

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Why Israel Must Destroy Hamas

This current war will ensure that both Israelis and Gazans can have a future free of terror.

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Israeli flag in Jaffa

A fact sheet from the Israeli-American Council on the events of October 7th, 2023

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israel at war program

A resource page from Unpacked for Educators

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Israeli flag waving in sunset

Help students process violence, terror, and the loss of life in the wake of attacks in Israel and Israel's declaration of war against Hamas.

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Educational Resources for Addressing Israel at War

The horrific attack on Israeli citizens and the ongoing fighting, and news of family and friends who were killed or are still missing has left the entire Jewish world reeling. These practical resources and activities aim to help (yourself and) your students during these trying times.

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poster with soldier and bride

Explore stories that bring forth the voices of different sectors of Israeli society. By The iCenter.

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Israeli flag

5 open resources from for teaching/discussing the current crisis in Israel.These resources range in ages from very young to teens, and can be used in any setting. 

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Israeli flag in Jaffa

A special podcast episode

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Parents and small child looking out at sea

A recoding of a recent webinar from The Orchard for Early Childhood Educators.

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A description of the webinar and photos of its participants: Professors Yaron Ayalon, Ken Stein and Jonathan Rynhold

Three scholars of the Middle East and modern Israel discuss the shock of the Hamas attack, the Israeli goals in the war, the U.S. response and future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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The burned-out shell of the Sderot police station is seen Oct. 8, the day after the Hamas terrorist attacks. (By Yoav Keren, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

A collection of videos, webinars, timelines, analyses, suggested readings, maps, and educator guides relating to the Israel-Hamas War that began on October 7, 2023.

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Israel flag

Lesson plans, articles and other resources for Hebrew educators at this time.

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Map of southern Lebanon

Background on the current situation in Israel with respect to Gaza and beyond.

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war crimes

Are Israel’s current actions towards Palestinians in Gaza actually war crimes according to the legal definition?

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Israeli flags

Resources and communication suggestions for educators.

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Israeli flag waving in sunset

A guide from the Institute for Curriculum Services.

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Image of resilience

A toolkit of lessons and resources to help students navigate through this challenging time.

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The suffering has left Gazans with a sense of despair and a longing for a change in leadership.

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We break down the devastating attacks from Hamas on Israel and the international response.

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Map shows sites of Hamas attacks on Oct. 7

This text timeline tracks the history of Hamas, including its wars with Israel.

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Hamas holds a rally in 2007.

Gain context for Hamas' Oct. 7 attack through a history of the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement.

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The logo of M Squared: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education

Resources on the situation in Israel and Gaza from M2 and The Jewish Education Project.

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Bring them home now

FAQ about the hostage crisis in the Israel-Hamas war. Created by The iCenter.

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Explore songs and stories of Israeli music in the dark days following October 7. Created by The iCenter.

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FAQ about the Palestinians as related to the Israel-Hamas war. Created by The iCenter.

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FAQ about the charge of genocide being leveled at Israel during its war with Hamas.

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An audio diary from Mor Maisel reflecting on life in Israel since October 7.

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soldier with a yellow baloon covering his face

This brief FAQ provides educators and learners with background information on ceasefires.

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words matter spelled out in scrabble blocks

Delve into the different legal, historical, political, and common usage of terms heard in the context of the Israel-Hamas war.

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from the river to the sea

What does the slogan “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free” really mean?

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Graffiti mural of Bibas family

This collection of resources highlights the creativity that has come alive across Israel since October 7.

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Supporting Learners and Families

White dove in a city sky

A compilation of prayers and texts to mark this moment with learners.

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A heart drawn in sand on a beach

Three suggestions for solidarity with Israel for tweens and teens.

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Helping youth with trauma

This resource explores how traumatic events impact students' learning, behavior, and relationships.

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Dead flower

It can be challenging for a caregiver or educator to discuss the topic of death with children.

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Scrabble tiles with the word "safe"

A guide from the National Association of School Psychologists.

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Prayer Text

A new prayer authored by Rabbi Mira Regev, a leader of the Reform Movement in Israel.

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Two people leaning on each other

A collection of resources to help support learners and families.

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Israeli Flag blowing

As you support the teens in your life in processing recent events in Israel, choose one or more of the following poems to read or listen to together and discuss.

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Israeli Flag blowing

Trauma can manifest itself in many forms. To help you navigate the current situation, we would like to offer the following suggestions and resources.

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Prayer During Wartime

Read and discuss a prayer written by Rabbi Moses Sofer (Chatam Sofer) and reflect on the power of prayer in difficult times.

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Sharing Experiences Through Letters

Discover letters from the NLI's collections written by children during times of war and try to understand the writers' thoughts and emotions.

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Hands clasping in the shape of a heart

Jewish text, conversations prompts and suggestions for how to apply Jewish teen philanthropy during a crisis situation.

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Parent with two children

An article by Dr. Sivan Zakai about the events of October, 2023 in Israel

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Israeli flag waving in sunset

This guide provides resources for teens to feel connected to and supported by other Jewish teens.

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A way of processing the current war through an exploration of Jewish texts and concepts.

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Responsible Social Media Consumption

Helpful tips to effectively educate others while also protecting your mental health.

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Learning about the History of the Conflict

History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Jews want a state and the Palestinians want a state, so why not give them each a state of their own?

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Today’s armies are subject to international humanitarian law, national pressure and public scrutiny. Yet they must also uphold themselves to their own specific ethical and moral codes.

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students studying in Israel

A collection of resources to help learners think critically about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

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What is Hamas?

Hamas – the terrorist group behind a wave of devastating suicide bombings and attacks in the 1990s and 2000s.

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Hamas’s Control Over Gaza

In 2005, Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza strip. What has been going on there since?

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What is Hamas and how did it arise as the sole power governing Gaza today?

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