On-Demand Webinar: Early Views on the 2023 Israel-Hamas War


Providing context and analyzing possible results for this fifth Hamas-Israeli military clash are Professor Yaron Ayalon, head of the Jewish studies program at the College of Charleston; Professor Jonathan Rynhold, head of the political studies department at Bar-Ilan University; and Ken Stein, Emory professor emeritus of Middle Eastern history and political science and president of the Center for Israel Education. In 52 minutes they provide analyses for Hamas’ goal of destroying Israel, Israel’s pending responses to the mass killings, and Iran’s influence on Hamas. They evaluate America’s response and the vast political gulf expanded between Israelis and the Palestinians, preventing any political accommodation between them well into the future. Their discussion provides a good foundation for learners with limited knowledge of Hamas, Gaza and/or the broader conflict and can be viewed in whole or in pieces focusing on particular areas, such as the American response.

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Unexpected elements of this video include Professor Rynhold being forced to stop midsentence when a rocket siren forces him to take shelter in a safe room and a discussion about how and why China could play a role in resolving or alleviating conflict in the Middle East. Again, the opportunity is there to use this video to delve into specific aspects of the war and its potential consequences.



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