Why Israel Must Destroy Hamas


Even as we condemn the atrocities Hamas committed on October 7th, 2023, many are now asking, "Why should the Palestinians of Gaza have to pay?" and "Why is Israel making them suffer?" Gazans have been suffering at the hands of Hamas for decades, and this most recent attack on Israeli civilians forced Israel to commit to destroying Hamas once and for all. This current war, as devastating and ugly as it may be, will ultimately ensure that both Israelis and Gazans can have a future free of terror, destruction, and blood.

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Big Ideas

  1. Life for Palestinian civilians in Gaza is difficult.
  2. Destroying Hamas will benefit Palestinian civilians as well as Israelis.
  3. Support for Israel’s right to defend itself and empathy for Palestinians are not mutually exclusive. 

Essential Questions

  1. What responsibilities does a government have towards its civilians?
  2. Can civilian casualties in war ever be justified?
  3. Can one condemn the massacre of Israelis and also empathize with Palestinians?



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