This collection contains resources applicable in both Jewish and non-Jewish educational settings. 

Aerial view of buildings in Gaza

FAQs to deepen understanding of the current situation in Israel and Gaza. Created by The iCenter.

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History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Jews want a state and the Palestinians want a state, so why not give them each a state of their own?

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What is Hamas?

Hamas – the terrorist group behind a wave of devastating suicide bombings and attacks in the 1990s and 2000s.

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Hamas’s Control Over Gaza

In 2005, Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza strip. What has been going on there since?

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This lesson provides an opportunity to learn about and reflect on antisemitic incidents.

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Tools and guidance for educators helping children cope with their emotions.

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Israeli flag waving in sunset

A guide from the Institute for Curriculum Services.

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Responsible Social Media Consumption

Helpful tips to effectively educate others while also protecting your mental health.

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Why Israel Must Destroy Hamas

This current war will ensure that both Israelis and Gazans can have a future free of terror.

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The burned-out shell of the Sderot police station is seen Oct. 8, the day after the Hamas terrorist attacks. (By Yoav Keren, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

A collection of videos, webinars, timelines, analyses, suggested readings, maps, and educator guides relating to the Israel-Hamas War that began on October 7, 2023.

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Child Mind Institute logo

What parents can do to aid children in processing grief and fear in a healthy way.

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These resources help guide classroom discussion about the antisemitic attacks on Israel

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Bring them home now

FAQ about the hostage crisis in the Israel-Hamas war. Created by The iCenter.

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Help students process the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza.

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The suffering has left Gazans with a sense of despair and a longing for a change in leadership.

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poster with soldier and bride

Explore stories that bring forth the voices of different sectors of Israeli society. By The iCenter.

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Map of southern Lebanon

Background on the current situation in Israel with respect to Gaza and beyond.

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