On October 7, 2023, Hamas attacked Israeli civilians in southern towns and communities bordering the Gaza Strip, in what was the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. Israel quickly declared war against the Gaza-based terrorist organization. With wars between Hamas and Israel breaking out every few years, one has to wonder...what is Hamas and how did it arise as the sole power governing Gaza today? 


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Big Ideas
  1. Hamas rules Gaza as an extremist Islamist group committed to Israel’s destruction.
  2. While Hamas democratically rose to power in Gaza by providing essential services to Palestinians, it prioritizes violence over the well-being of its people.
  3. Hamas launched an unprecedented attack against Israel, marking a drastic escalation from their past tactics.
Essential Questions
  1. What is Hamas’ ideology as the ruling party over Palestinians in Gaza?
  2. How did Hamas come to power in Gaza?
  3. How is the October 7, 2023 attack a watershed moment in Israeli history?



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