The Jewish Education Project and M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education, have partnered together to provide our educators with the most timely, up to date, and relevant resources on the evolving situation in Israel and Gaza. Through this partnership we aim to expand the breadth of information made available to our communities. 


Shabbat - Testament and Promise

Lesson related to the empty Shabbat table set up in Tel Aviv

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Managing our Actions

The country of Israel since the massacre of October 7th is in a perpetual state of action.

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We Can't do it Alone

How acts of solidarity matter in times of crisis.

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Symbolic Sentiments

Sketches of solace and solidarity for Israel

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Music Makes it Ok - David Broza

A podcast inspiring hope that everything will be OK

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Standing Strong

Dr. Mijal Bitton's impassioned address at the "Never Again is Now" rally.

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The Children's Cry

Israeli children perform a moving rendition of Stand by Me

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Jerusalem Civil Command Center

Exploring the chaos and the energy of the Jerusalem war room.

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Imagery of Beauty and Pain

When pain and beauty go hand in hand: Can you see them both?

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#Emptybeds_sweet dreams my love

Songs, stories and prayers for children in captivity

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These are Names

Poems and creative writing exercises

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Hate is Easy. Love is Hard.

Taking Rachel Goldberg’s speech at the U.N. really seriously.

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Special Delivery from the Front Lines

Sending Love in the Midst of War

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Our Secret Weapon

An exchange between President Joe Biden and Israel's Prime Minister

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Let There Be Evening

Illustrations of homes destroyed in October 2023 in Israel

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Testimony in Time

Mapping the journey of the Jewish people in Israel

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Laughing through the Pain

Holding onto humor in moments of crisis

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Playing the Part

Resources for exploring your role in today’s story

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Living in Liminality

Learning from the Wilderness

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 Teens Speak Their Truth

Make a statement for the books

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What do I need in my thought bubble?

Finding models to help us step up against antisemitism

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Finding my Source of Strength

A lesson plan on using the wisdom of Jewish texts.

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The Mezuzah Test

The Public Square Test: Concealing and Revealing our Judaism.

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Blackout Poetry

An Exercise to process Black Saturday

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Antisemitism: Between Values and Actions

Helping our learners ground their responses to antisemitism in Jewish values.

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