Jerusalem Civil Command Center


One of the most-used words of this challenging period of time in Israel is the word “chamal” (חמ״ל in Hebrew). “Chamal” is an acronym for “cheder milchamah” or “war room”. It refers to a command center, or “situation room” in which people are mobilized for the war effort. Apart from the military command centers that are operating around the clock, there is also an incredible proliferation of civilian command centers, staffed entirely by volunteers to meet the needs of the Home Front. The “chamal” in Jerusalem is one of these. It was opened just a few hours after the attack began on October 7th, and has taken on a critical and central role in providing for the ongoing and evolving needs of civilians and soldiers alike. Now, a few weeks later, the “chamal” is operating around the clock, run by hundreds of volunteers every day.



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