The Jewish community is vibrant, diverse, and multicultural. This collection of resources aims to highlight the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of Jews in North America and around the world, and offers tools for educators who want to both learn and teach about how differences can enrich our understanding of what it means to be Jewish. 

This collection is divided into three sections: 
1. Educating Ourselves: Resources for educators to increase their own knowledge of racial and ethnic diversity in the Jewish community 

2. For the Classroom: Books, lesson plans, and activities for educators to use directly with their learners.

3. Community-Specific Resources: Videos, articles, recipes and more that highlight specific groups within the Jewish community. 

This collection continues to evolve. Have we missed something? Do you have something to add? Let us know at

Educating Ourselves

Beyond the Count

An overview of the Beyond the Count survey commissioned by the Jews of Color Initiative. 

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Diverse hands surrounding a Hamsa

Explore the diversity of the Jewish people through stories of several different shades of Judaism.

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Books, videos, and activities for helping young children embrace differences.

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How Tokenism Affects Jews of Color and 5 Ways to Interrupt It 

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On Demand

We will discuss how we can use Jewish education to center antiracist practices, even during a pandemic.

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Racial Awareness

Resources for educators who want to develop their student's racial awareness. 

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Racism is a Virus, too protest sign

Padlet of Anti-Racism Resources for All Ages.

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The History of Black Jews in America

Black Jews have been a part of American history since before the colonial era.

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Prizmah DEI

Article exploring how educators can remove barriers to entry and make schools safe spaces for all.

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The Early History of Black and Jewish Communities in America

Explore the history of these divided but united communities.

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In Jewish Color

Pitfalls to consider when creating a community of allies to Jews of Color. 

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Adapting Logo
On Demand

Chava Shervington and Yoshi Silverstein discuss race in Jewish education and steps Jewish educators can take to make Jewish learning environments open and welcoming to students of all backgrounds. Chava is board member and past president of the Jewish Multiracial Network and Yoshi is founder and executive director of the Mitsui Collective.

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For the Classroom

This Is Unity

A lesson plan about how differences can enrich your understanding of what it means to be Jewish. 

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Diversity Books

Books highlighting diversity of the Jewish community in picture books, graphic novels, and chapter books. 

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A guide for educators to facilitate discussion about racial and ethnic diversity. 

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Honeycomb ChangeMakers90: Civil Rights and Anti-Racism Enhancement Guide

This guide examines philanthropy through the lens of Civil Rights and Anti-Racism.

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3 people sitting on bench in front of massive display of multi-cultural images of people

Yavilah McCoy writes about the power that language holds and how deeply words affect community building.

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Graphic from Art and Artists Panel on Being Black and Jewish

A panel of Black Jewish artists discussed the intersection of Judaism and race, using the "Witness" portraits as a jumping-off point.

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The cover of "As Good as Anybody" a story about MLK Jr. and Rabbi Heschel and their fight for equality.

PJ Library's list of Jewish books celebrating Black History, compiled for Black History Month.

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This gallery includes photos from Jewish communities in South America, Africa, and Asia. 

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Hamsas from BeChol Lashon Art Projects

Explore diversity and multiple Jewish cultures through ready-to-use Art projects.

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Community-Specific Resources

Mizrahi Music Image

Join Chloé Valdary in her many personas as she takes us through the fascinating story of Mizrahi music in Israel. When Mizrahi Jews first flooded to Israel in the 1950s, their culture was often suppressed in favor of the more dominant Ashkenazi culture that pervaded the young country. In the 1970s and 1980s, Mizrahi music finally made it into the Israeli mainstream with the help of homemade cassettes and stars like Zohar Argov.

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Journey to the Mizrach Image

Explore the history of Sephardi and Mizrahi Jewry with this 12 unit curriculum.

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A flag for the commemoration of Juneteenth

A Haggadah to mention Juneteenth in Jewish spaces

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Lunar: The Jewish-Asian Film Project logo

A new film series by Be'Chol Lashon that aims to expose the experiences of Asian-American Jews.

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Racism is a Virus, too protest sign

How to support the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in this time of increased discrimination.

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Virtual Tours

A series of video tours of Latin-Jewish community across the world. 

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Holiday guides in English and Spanish that reflect both Jewish and Latin culture and traditions. 

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Indian Food

An article about and recipes for the unique foods of Indian Jewish communities. 

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Sigd with the National Library of Israel

Learn about the Ethiopian Jewish festival of Sigd and the story of the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel.

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Avezu Fanta

Avezu Fanta discusses the significance of Sigd and her experiences as an Ethiopian Israeli.

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Pieces of Mail

Learn about the history of Seattle's Sephardic Community.

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