Asian American and Pacific Islander Support: Resource Roundup


There has been a sharp increase in anti-Asian hate crimes, racism, and other violence since early 2020. The members of our communities who identify as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) deserve our support, and this resource helps everybody know where to start.

Becoming an effective AAPI and/or Jew of Color ally starts in the same way you may approach exploring a new city. By listening to locals, learning about the culture with an open-mind, and seeking out experiences and stories that may be new to you, you will being to understand the place, its history, people, and struggles. Allyship too starts with learning and listening. Only after that can you effectively speak up and show up for AAPI people and Jews of Color. This resource list provides a wide array of opportunities to begin investigating these ideas, conversations, and issues.

The Asian American and Pacific Islander Support resource roundup document, compiled by Terry Wunder, helps educators think about all of the different ways they can stand up to hate and racism in our world and community.

The document is formatted in the Learn - Listen - Speak Up - Show Up framework. First, learn what's happening and hear stories, and then use your voice to speak up and show up for the AAPI community.

This resource was developed by Terry Wunder.  Terry serves as the Senior Program Director at Moishe House overseeing the global House and Pods department - Moishe House's flagship international community engagement program, which serves about 50,000 participants annually in more than 25 countries. He is an architecture school drop out that decided he likes building Jewish community more than building buildings. Born in Korea, but raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Terry found his path into Jewish communal professional work through Jewish summer camp and going to Hebrew school at a bagel shop. Previously, Terry was the associate director of the Center for Youth Engagement at Stephen Wise Temple, director of Camp Wise LA, associate director at Camp Alonim, and a dishwasher at a little French bakery.

This resource is a developing Google Doc of opportunities to support the AAPI community and learn about the Asian Jewish community.  It was not developed by The Jewish Education Project and our agency is not responsible for its content.  It is not the Jewish Education Project's practice to endorse philanthropy and advocacy opportunities.  However, we believe this resource collection was important to share with the educator community.  



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