A collection of resources to stimulate students by forming connections between nature, Israel, and Tu Bishvat.


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Jewish Interactive Tu BiShvat Resources preview

Tu BiShvat Ji Tap Games, Ji Bytes, Printable Teacher Resources, and our Tu BiShvat app, "Make it Grow".

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A child plays on an outdoor playground
On Demand

Sharing ideas and best practices about outdoor education.

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Fruits on Table

Three distinct Tu BiShvat seders from Lookstein, Orthodox Union, and Babaganewz.

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Boy picking fruit from tree

A Tu Bishvat photography activity based on the work of Yoram Galili.

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Tree in flower

Celebrate Tu Bishvat and develop independent learning skills by finding mentions of trees throughout the Tanakh.

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Tu B'Shvat Resources

The Lookstein Center's collection of Tu B’Shvat lesson plans, interactive tools, articles, and more.

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Tu Bishvat Seder

A Tu Bishvat seder including the drinking of 4 cups of grape juice and eating 4 types of fruits.

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Tu Bishvat Seders

A collection of Tu Bishvat Seders that can be used as is or can inspire you to write your own seder.

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Tu Bishvat 101

Everything you wanted to know about Tu Bishvat and the links to delve deeper.

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Man Watering Plants on Kibbutz

Three powerful resources from the NLI to engage students with the holiday of Tu BiShvat.

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Hazon Tu B'Shvat Haggadah

For centuries we have marked time by celebrating trees and our connection to the natural world this time of year. Nestled between the darkest days of winter and the blossom of springtime Tu B'Shvat offers us a chance to reconnect with the natural world when we often feel disconnected and cooped up inside. But just as trees are working hard sending nourishment to their roots in preparation for springtime growth, so too do we prepare for our reemergence into the world of activity following months of cautionary life. We invite you to use the Hazon 2021 Tu B'Shvat Haggadah as your guide in this celebration of life, nourishment, and hope.

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Mental Health Tu B'Shvat Seder

A mental health and self-care spin on the Jewish Holiday of Tu B'Shvat.

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Olive tree in Israel

A Tu BiShvat exploration of the special significance behind olive trees.

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Tu Bishvat on Sefaria

A collection of favorite Tu Bishvat resources selected by the Sefaria staff.

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Tu Bishvat Seder Guide

This guide provides the basics along with resources to help you create an engaging seder.

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Sustainable Nation

A documentary film that focuses on Israeli visionaries and their innovative ideas of how to confront the world’s water crisis.

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It Is a Tree of Life

Students think about what makes the Torah a tree of life and find opportunities for personal growth.

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The Almond Tree is Blooming

Sing and eat to celebrate the New Year for Trees. All this, and Uzi Hitman too.

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Tinkering and Text on Tu B'Shevat

Learners tinker with found objects to create tools and art for the garden as they dig into Bal Tashchit.

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Tu B'Shevat Breakout Box

Teach Tu B’Shevat through interactive puzzles based on the popular breakout.edu model.

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Celebreate with a Tree for Tu B'Shevat

Learners rejoice with trees as they fulfill the dual command to conquer and to tend to the earth.

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Etymology of Modern Hebrew Words: People and the Environment

Explore the Hebrew roots and origins of a few environment-related words!

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Israel's First Tu B'Shevat Tree Planting

An educator in Zichron Ya’akov begins a holiday tradition in 1890.

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Israel and Tu B'Shevat

A study guide of sources, history, activities and other resources.

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Additional Resources

Honi and MLK holding up hands

Students will study MLK and Honi Ha-Magel to gain new insights into the holidays of MLK Day and Tu B’Shevat.

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Tree JNF

Program ideas, Divrei Torah, and Haggadot from the Jewish National Fund.

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Tu BiShvat Arts from The Israel Forever Foundation

Four fun Tu BiShvat art projects.

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Different types of waste

A fun online game that teaches students which materials go in trash, recycling, or composting.

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Save the Earth written over plant

Students will learn the mitzvah of taking care of the earth. A perfect lesson to for Tu BiShevat.

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Socks on clothes line

An exciting and classic nature experiment for Tu BiShvat and environmental learning.

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