Tu Bishvat with the National Library of Israel


Tu B'Shvat marks the Jewish new year for trees. It began as a purely Halachic date, evolved into a Kabbalistic festival, was adapted by the Zionist movement as a day to celebrate cultivating the land, and in more recent years has become a Jewish environmental awareness day.

This resource pack will help you expose your students to some lesser-known aspects of Tu B'Shvat. It includes posters, newspaper articles, photographs and activities about preserving nature.

Also check out our printable Tu B'Shvat Nature Scavenger Hunt where learners can match items from the National Library of Israel’s collections with something they can find outdoors.


Pictured: Tu B’Shvat stamps issued in Israel on January 14, 1975 and designed by Israeli artist Asher Kalderon. Born in 1929, Kaldron’s became well-known for his modern and unique style that would often capture biblical or traditional themes



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