The National Library of Israel Tu BiShvat Resources


Three unique lesson plans from the NLI, each accommodating a different age group:

Tu BiShvat Scavenger Hunt (EC - Early Elementary)

Have fun while you expand your knowledge, notice new things and celebrate the beauty of the natural environment that surrounds us.

Caring for Plants to Care for the Future (Grades 3-5)

​In this lesson, students consider the act of planting trees as taking care of the environment, building the Land of Israel, and looking toward the future.

Students will analyze a photograph of a man watering a tree on Kibbutz Ginegar. They will then study a text from the Talmud about planting for the future. Next, they will compare Kibbutz Ginegar then and now, and finally they will participate in a creative activity.

Responsibility to the Land: To Work It and To Keep It (Middle school)

This lesson guides the students through Jewish texts and resources from the National Library of Israel which discuss taking care of the land and preserving it for future generations. Guiding questions are provided to assist the students in analyzing the texts and resources. 

At the end of the lesson, students have a choice of creative projects which allow them to implement what they have learned and design a poster.


For more Tu BiShvat resources from the NLI, visit the following link.

A detailed activity and two complete lesson plans, each with downloadable PDF files and other materials.

Lessons include primary source documents including images and stamps, as well as video content and more.

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