Tu Bishvat 101


What is Tu Bishvat and how is it celebrated? Find answers along with links to sources and materials on Sefaria.

Looking for additional Tu Bishvat resources? Check out Sefaria’s Tu Bishvat collections.

  • Tu Bishvat on Sefaria - A collection of favorite Tu Bishvat resources selected by the Sefaria staff.
  • Tu Bishvat Seders - A collection of Tu Bishvat Seders that can be used as is or can inspire you to write your own seder.


Area of Work

  • AS&B - After School and Beyond
  • CL - Congregational Learning
  • DS&Y - Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • FE - Family Engagement
  • T - Teens

Resource Type

  • Article
  • Text Study

Resource Topic

  • Holidays (Chagim)
  • Jewish Tradition
  • Nature


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