Jewish Interactive Tu BiShvat Resources

Jewish Interactive

Included in the Jewish Interactive Tu BiShvat resources are Tu BiShvat Ji Tap Games, Tu BiShvat Ji Bytes, Printable Teacher  Resources and our Tu BiShvat app, "Make it Grow". All resources are perfectly suited for virtual and at-home learning.

Ji Tap Games

Play with Tu BiShvat Ji Tap Games 

Tu BiShvat Bytes

Learn with Tu BiShvat Ji Bytes 

Tu BiShvat E-Book

Plan with Printable Teacher Resources

Make it Grow App

Enjoy our Tu BiShvat app, "Make it Grow" 


Area of Work

  • EC - Early Childhood
  • FE - Family Engagement
  • DS&Y - Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • CL - Congregational Learning
  • AS&B - After School and Beyond

Resource Type

  • Game
  • Online Activity

Resource Topic

  • Holidays


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