People and Nature: A Tu Bishvat Photography Activity


Man standing under tree
Screenshot from Sefaria's Tu Bishvat photography activity

Beginning with the verse from Deuteronomy, “Are trees of the field human”, students reflect on the relationship between people and nature. Jewish texts, photographs by Yoram Galili, and discussion questions take the students on a journey of discovery which culminates in taking a photograph which reflects their relationship with nature.


Students of all backgrounds and ages will enjoy this creative activity. Celebrate Tu Bishvat by going into nature to reflect and photograph. Sharing student work is facilitated by creating a Sefaria sheet.

  • Text study
  • Discussion questions
  • Photography activity
  • Opportunities for sharing student work



Area of Work

  • FE - Family Engagement
  • DS&Y - Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • AS&B - After School and Beyond
  • T - Teens

Resource Type

  • Lesson
  • Online Activity

Resource Topic

  • Holidays
  • Nature
  • Nature-Based Learning


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