2021 Collection: Tu BiShvat

Curated Series
The Jewish Education Project
Olive tree with dry land in background

A collection of resources to stimulate students by forming connections between nature, Israel, and Tu BiShvat.

Trees! lesson plan preview

Trees! Lesson Plans for Tu BiShvat

A complete collection of lesson plans and activities for Tu BiShvat.

Fruits on Table

Three Seders for Tu BiShvat

Three distinct Tu BiShvat seders from Lookstein, Orthodox Union, and Babaganewz.

Mental Health Tu B'Shvat Seder

Mental Health Tu BiShvat Seder

A mental health and self-care spin on the Jewish Holiday of Tu B'Shvat.

Tu BiShvat Arts from The Israel Forever Foundation

Tu BiShvat Arts

Four fun Tu BiShvat art projects.

Tree in flower

Searching for Trees on Tu Bishvat: A Lesson Plan

Celebrate Tu Bishvat and develop independent learning skills by finding mentions of trees throughout the Tanakh.

Boy picking fruit from tree

People and Nature: A Tu Bishvat Photography Activity

A Tu Bishvat photography activity based on the work of Yoram Galili.

A child plays on an outdoor playground

What Do We Do Outside? An Intro for Early Childhood Educators to Teaching Outdoors

Sharing ideas and best practices about outdoor education.

Jewish Interactive Tu BiShvat Resources preview

Jewish Interactive Tu BiShvat Resources

Tu BiShvat Ji Tap Games, Ji Bytes, Printable Teacher Resources, and our Tu BiShvat app, "Make it Grow".

Different types of waste

Recycling Game

A fun online game that teaches students which materials go in trash, recycling, or composting.

Socks on clothes line

Your Socks Are Growing!

An exciting and classic nature experiment for Tu BiShvat and environmental learning.

Save the Earth written over plant

Save the Earth: A Mitzvot Lesson Plan

Students will learn the mitzvah of taking care of the earth. A perfect lesson to for Tu BiShevat.

Olive tree in Israel

Tu B’Shvat: Spotlight on the Olive Tree

A Tu BiShvat exploration of the special significance behind olive trees.

Man Watering Plants on Kibbutz

The National Library of Israel Tu BiShvat Resources

Three powerful resources from the NLI to engage students with the holiday of Tu BiShvat.

Tree JNF

Celebrate Tu BiShvat with JNF

Program ideas, Divrei Torah, and Haggadot from the Jewish National Fund.

Honi and MLK holding up hands

Legacy: Dr. King, Honi, and Me

Students will study MLK and Honi Ha-Magel to gain new insights into the holidays of MLK Day and Tu B’Shevat.


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