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Applications due: Sep 27

This fellowship provides an opportunity for personal understanding of complex topics related to Israel and Jewish Peoplehood.

Applications due: Sep 28

A professional learning cohort to nourish and support teachers in supplemental Jewish education.

Applications due: Sep 28

Learn more about our new professional development cohort for New York educators.

Learn more about welcoming vs. belonging and five marginalized groups in the Jewish population.

October 11, November 15, December 13, February 14, March 13, April 17

Join us to explore what it means to empower Jewish teens as leaders while fostering a sense of belonging.

December 4th-5th, 2023
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Connect teshuvah, tacos, and National Taco Day to make for a real-life application of learning.

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I am Sorry

This lesson explores the Jewish approach to repentance, drawing on Rambam’s Hilchot Teshuvah.

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What is the power of metaphor in our stories? Why should we consult our ancestors for our traditions?

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