The Jewish Educator Portal's Women's History Month Resource Collection is here to help educators craft meaningful learning opportunities for learners of all types. Students can explore key historical events, learn about notable Jewish women, and examine important issues related to the social, historical, and cultural impact of women and girls.

Biblical and Ancient History

Jewish Language Project

A virtual exhibit honoring voices of Jewish women throughout history.

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Osnat and Her Dove

Information about the book, Osnat and Her Dove: The Story of the World's First Female Rabbi

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Clothes hanging

In this Purim lesson, students consider inward identity and outward image through the lens of Jewish women.

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Girls in Trouble

This curriculum brings Biblical women to life and offers students a way to navigate their own complicated lives.

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The Past 200 years

Golda Meir: Iron Lady of the Middle East

Israel’s only female premier was beloved by her nation but had her reputation tarnished with the outcomes of the Yom Kippur War.

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Emma Lazarus

Curriculum about the life of American Jewish activist Emma Lazarus.

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Activity Guide for Emma Lazarus' poem "The New Colossus."

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Women of the Refuseniks

The 1960s and 1970s ushered in Jewish unity as Jews throughout the world banded together to free Soviet Jews.

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Henrietta Szold

A lesson plan on Henrietta Szold's bold assertion to say kaddish.

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Susan B. Anthony

In this lesson, students analyze a daring challenge to the legal and social order of the time: Susan B. Anthony.

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Resources on the history of the Equal Rights Amendment, and the Jewish women who were central to the effort.

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Votes for Women

A Jewish Women's Archive podcast on the 19th Amendment and the work that remains for women today.

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Illustration of women going up to the Bimah

Resources to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Bat Mitzvah in many settings.

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The Women of Zionism

You’ve heard of Golda Meir, but there are many women who contributed significantly to the State of Israel, before and after its establishment.

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Prominent Jewish Women in History

Online quiz about noteworthy Jewish women.

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JDC salutes its female staff throughout history.

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Henrietta Szold

Learn about Henrietta Szold as a model for sparking change in the world.

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Chana Senesh

Take a journey through the works and life of Chana Senesh and reveal her final secret message.

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Golda Meir

Get a glimpse into Golda Meir’s role as the prime minister of Israel.

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Modern Times

Debbie Friedman - Iconic Jewish Music

Come for the music, stay for the history of a North American legend in Jewish music.

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Mourning in Public: A Podcast Chancellor Schwartz

A discussion on grief and tragedy through the lens of Chancellor Schwartz's personal history.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Interview & More!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the first Jewish woman to sit on the nation's highest court.

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Discover the history of women's service in the IDF

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Kerri Strug Vaulting with the Olympics logo on the side of the image

A selection of resources about extraordinary female athletes, including lesson plans, articles, and interviews.

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women and media

Lessons exploring the ways in which stereotypes about females are depicted in greater society.

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Wonder Women of Israel Image

In this seven-unit series, the wonder women represent the most fundamental aspects of what makes a hero. Ages 5-8.

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Mourning in Public: A Podcast Chancellor Schwartz

A discussion on grief and tragedy through the lens of Chancellor Schwartz's personal history.

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Throughout the Ages

Picture Books for Women's History Month

Two useful lists of picture books to engage ECE students in Women's History Month.

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Jewish Museum MD

This packet focuses on Jewish American women’s history, with stories of women from the 1800s-1900s.

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Go and Learn

Jewish Women's Archive presents "Go and Learn", a series of lessons on identity.

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Helpful guides for teaching Women's History Month.

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10 Jewish Women

Get to know some of the important Jewish women in history. Curricula, lessons, and more.

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