The 1960s and 1970s ushered in Jewish unity as Jews throughout the world banded together in the plight to free Soviet Jews. 

The video comes with a 5-part educational guide (includes REVIEW, DISCUSSION, ACTIVITIES, REFLECTION, FURTHER LEARNING) that can be viewed online and/or downloaded as a PDF, along with a Kahoot game. 

This is part of a series titled History of Israel Explained.

Several “Prisoners of Zion” and activists working to free the Soviet Jews on the outside rose to prominence in the Jewish world and beyond: Natan Sharansky, Yosef Mendelovitch, Jacob Birnbaum and others. Who were the women who worked for the cause, both within the USSR and without? In this video, meet the “housewives” who spearheaded “the 35’s,” as well as three women whose stories were integral to the fate of Soviet Jewry: Avital Sharansky, Ida Nudel and Sylva Zalmanson. Watch this video and use the resources to learn about the heroines of the past generation.



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