Every year, the president of the United States signs a presidential proclamation declaring May as Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM). JAHM celebrates the contributions American Jews have made to all facets of American society. From the arrival of Jewish refugees in New Amsterdam (now New York) from Brazil in 1654, to the 37Jewish members of Congress in 2022, American Jewish history is filled with stories of immigration, innovation, triumph, and challenge. Using our curated resource collection, explore the complexity of American Jewry and discuss what makes American Judaism vibrant, unique, and inspiring. 

Jewish American Heritage Month Logo

Learn more about Jewish American Heritage Month.

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Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American preview

A virtual tour of the Museum of American Jewish History's exhibition highlighting Jews in baseball.

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Emma Lazarus

Curriculum about the life of American Jewish activist Emma Lazarus.

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Ready-to-use lesson plans, student activities, collection guides and research aids.

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Eldridge Street

A curriculum designed to teach lessons about community, and identity using historic letters from new Americans.

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Tenement Museum

Lesson Plan for how we use objects to learn about the past.

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Open Book, The National Museum of American Jewish History

The OpenBook curriculum teaches American Jewish History through objects and hevruta style learning.

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American Flag

Lesson plans based on the the PBS series The Jewish Americans.

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George Washington

Use these resources to explore George Washington's relationship with Jews in Colonial America.

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Rose Schneiderman

Resources to explore the roles of Jews in the Civil Rights and Labor movements.

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Lunar: The Jewish-Asian Film Project logo

A new film series by Be'Chol Lashon that aims to expose the experiences of Asian-American Jews.

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Pieces of Mail

Learn about the history of Seattle's Sephardic Community.

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Navigating Jewish American Identity

Students explore their Jewish identity and how it coexists with their identity as Americans.

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Picture of Isahan Iran

Curriculum focusing on the history of Jews in Iran and Iranian Jews in LA.

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Curated list of children's books about the diversity of the Jewish community.

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The History of Black Jews in America

Black Jews have been a part of American history since before the colonial era.

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Illustration of women going up to the Bimah

Resources to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Bat Mitzvah in many settings.

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Let's talk about race by Julius Lester book cover

Spark a classroom discussion about race through the lens of a Black Jewish convert's story.

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A tapestry

Explore the topic of immigration with diverse works drawn from the Jewish Museum collection.

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Freeing Russian Jewry: The Refuseniks

The international Jewish community united in protest of the Soviet policy against Jewish emigration and rallied for Soviet Jews’ freedom.

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Women of the Refuseniks

The 1960s and 1970s ushered in Jewish unity as Jews throughout the world banded together to free Soviet Jews.

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Teaching History Logo

Explores how Abraham Lincoln interacted with Jewish Americans in a time of heightened anti-Semitism.

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Member of Two Tribes Comic Image from National Parks with the word Zion crossed out and the native word Oawingwa written in red

Memoir-style comics that explore being Native-American and Jewish.

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George Washington

Use these resources to explore George Washington's relationship with Jews in Colonial America.

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A collection of small tools

From the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History

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