A Member of Two Tribes: Comics from a Jewish Native-American

Member of Two Tribes Comic Image from National Parks with the word Zion crossed out and the native word Oawingwa written in red

As the artist describes, "I draw memoir-style comics that explore being Native-American and Jewish." We have chosen to highlight a short "Let me introduce myself" comic, and two others that continue that story and introduction, "Can a drumbeat drown out the sound of the hora?" and "A shotgun and a wedding, but not a shotgun wedding."

We also want to feature Emily Bowen Cohen's more recent piece on "Vis­it­ing Nation­al Parks While Native" which draws some stark comparisons to the Holocaust.

Emily Bowen Cohen (Two Tribes artist) photo

Emily Bowen Cohen lives in Los Angeles, CA.  She won a WORD artist grant in 2016 to create the mini-comic, An American Indian Guide to the Day of Atonement. She was an Inquiry fellow at American Jewish University and also participated in the Reciprocity retreat through Asylum Arts. She graduated from Harvard University in 1997 with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies.  



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