Are We Shooting to Make It? A Basketball Lesson for Israel Education


This essay is from the book, Israel Education in the Days After Reflections of Jewish Educators on their Mishlachat Areyvut (Delegation of Responsibility) - Two Months after October 7, 2023.  

Noam Weissman is the Executive Vice President of OpenDor Media (Unpacked) and the host of Unpacking Israeli History. Noam leads a team of producers and directors for the Unpacked brand and a team of educators for the Unpacked For Educators division. Noam wrote his doctoral dissertation on Israel education and identity development at the University of Southern California. Prior to his
work at OpenDor Media, Noam served as the Principal of Shalhevet High School. Noam is a Civil Society Fellow and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. He is married to Raizie Erreich and they are the proud parents of Eyal, Nissa, Liana, and Sarit.



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  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
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