Jewish Feminist Activists You Should Know


Clara Lemlich Shavelson was a powerful organizer for worker's rights in New York after the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in 1910. Emma Goldman was a radical anarchist immigrant who fought against the tyranny of capitalism and promoted full equality for women. Emma Lazarus was the famous poet whose words are found engraved on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. Get to know these and other important Jewish women in history.

Life Story: Emma Goldman (1869-1940)

  • Complete lesson plans and biography

Women in Public Service

  • Curriculum with several units

Life Story: Clara Lemlich Shavelson (1886-1982)

  • Complete lesson plans and biography

Emma Lazarus

  • Extensive bio and historical context

10 Jewish Women list from HeyAlma

  • Brief overview of 10 important Jewish women from history



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