Mourning in Public: A Podcast With Chancellor Schwartz


This podcast is a discussion about grief and tragedy with Chancellor Shuly Rubin Schwartz of the Jewish Theological Seminary. In this podcast, listeners meet the person behind the scholar, while also learning about some of her academic scholarship.

Chancellor Schwartz is the first female Chancellor of JTS.

Sara Beth Berman talks with Dr. Shuly Schwartz, the first female chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS). During the recording, Professor Schwartz was serving as the Provost of JTS, Irving Lehrman Research Associate Professor of American Jewish History, and Sala and Walter Schlesinger Dean of the Gershon Kekst Graduate School. Dr. Schwartz shares the mourning and remembering practices, some innovative and some ancient, that have supported her family through even the most wrenching of bereavements. We also learn why Henrietta Szold insisted on saying kaddish herself, in 1916.



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