The Jewish Educator Portal has curated an exciting blend of Passover resources to help your students connect with the themes of Passover. Students will learn through art projects, text study, discussions, and will have the opportunity to relate Passover to their own modern lives. Lesson plans and activities are available for early childhood through high school.

Illustration of a home

inspire creative thinking, personal reflection, and community-building through a unique storytelling activity!

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Passover Breakout Box for 4th-6th Grades preview

Liven up your lesson and/or Passover seder with these four puzzles, each based on a different Passover theme.

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Haggadah Pesach Units

This four-part unit for middle school students explores the themes and messages of the Haggadah.

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Never Again? This Passover Share Thoughts on the War in Ukraine

Moving Traditions invites you to use our new 2022 Passover Seder supplement to discuss “Never again” with the Jewish youth at your table.

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Finding the Afikoman: A Haggadah Scavenger Hunt

Travel through the Haggadah looking for clues in this Passover themed scavenger hunt.

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Miriam in the Desert preview

Consider Miriam’s experience of exile and the parallels between her story and moments of isolation in your life.

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Imagine Me at the First Pesach

This drawing lesson allows young children to connect to the Pesach story in a personal way.

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The Mental Health Seder Plate

Self-care tools that keep us engaged with our mental health, related to the Passover seder plate.

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Hggadah Shel Pesach: The Fifth Son

This lesson plan for high school students focuses on Pesach and Jewish identity.

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Mimouna with the National Library of Israel

Get a glimpse into the significance of Mimouna and how it is celebrated with these visual and audio resources.

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The American Jewess on Liberation and Freedom preview

Passover is the holiday of liberation and freedom. What do these terms and this holiday mean to us as Americans?

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Unique Passover Traditions

While some seder traditions seem weird, they’re part of the age-old traditions passed down by the Jewish people the world over.

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Illustrated Passover image

A shortened, illustrated version of the Passover story.

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Passover Word Games

Add fun participation to your Seder with games that explore important ideas, symbols, and people.

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Dayenu: I Am Enough

Practice gratitude by making your own Dayenu!

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4 Cups, 10 Plagues, Multiple Intelligences preview

A comprehensive list of Passover activities sorted into different learning methods and perspectives.

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10-minute Dayenu Seder

A 10-Minute Dayenu Seder especially for multi-generational families.

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Rachel Sharansky Danziger

A podcast on Rachel Sharansky Danziger’s personal connection to the Exodus story.

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The Four Mental Health Children of the Seder

Through the Four Children, learn about ourselves and how we can build more holistic Jewish communities.

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Seder on Sefaria

A collection of resources suitable for a variety of ages and learning environments.

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Israeli desert

Teach Passover with an Israel Education lens!

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Two matzas

NCSY's Passover resource collection for teens.

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Jigzi has hundreds of interactive Passover games and lessons for children ages 4-14.

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Illustrated images of Passover

Explore the resources, prompts, and activities in this Freedom Value Spark.

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Colorful illustration of an orange

What is the meaning of the Orange on a Seder plate? A Keshet explainer.

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Passover blessings and other Passover resources accessible for pre-readers or students with disabilities.

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Acknowledging and Releasing the Burdens: An Old/ New Ritual for Breaking the Middle Matzah

A new take on a traditional Syrian and Moroccan Passover ritual to recall the experience of bondage.

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Pesach image
On Demand

Join educators throughout the New York area as they discuss Passover Ideas and Resources.

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Contemplate the depth contained in the washing or hands this Seder with helpful guide.

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The word goodbye in many languages

The Jewish Language Project features Passover traditions through images, music, recipes, and an original haggadah!

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