A Part and Apart: Inclusion and Exclusion in Our Jewish Communities


This is the third lesson in a three-lesson series highlighting the historical and contemporary experiences of Jews of Color, Sephardic Jews, and Mizrahi Jews while also considering the impact of exclusion, antisemitism, and racism on people who share these Jewish identities. This two-day lesson begins by using the story of Passover to examine how students define their own identities within the context of the Four Children. This exercise frames an exploration of how identity labels can be both beneficial and harmful, and provide a sense of belonging or a sense of exclusion. The lesson then narrows in focus to examine the Jewish identity label “Jews of Color.” Through survey data, personal testimonies, and artistic expressions, students learn about the experiences of Jews of Color, both within and outside of their Jewish communities, and consider how well their own communities strive to be inclusive spaces where diversity of Jewish identity is welcomed and represented.   

This lesson was created in partnership with the Jewish Education Project in conjunction with the Shine A Light Initiative.



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