The Thanksgiving holiday gives us the opportunity to reflect on the importance Judaism places on nurturing a mindset of gratitude. These resources support sharing this value with our learners and developing within ourselves.

Rivka's First Thanksgiving

A children's picture book from the perspective of a Jewish immigrant.

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Not This Turkey

A children's picture book about a family's first celebration of Thanksgiving.

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Eight Ways to Teach Kids About Gratitude

A collection of activities to encourage a Jewish understanding of gratitude.

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Practicing Gratitude Exercises Image

This resource offers ways to express gratitude to increase one's happiness by noticing the good things that are already happening.

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Positive Thinking, Gratitude, Gemilut Chasadim Image

This resource features texts, activities and reflection around positive thinking, Gratitude, and Gemilut Chasadim.

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David Bryfman, CEO of The Jewish Education Project, discusses gratitude at the 2016 Jewish Futures Conference.

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Days of Gratitude Activities

Activities and inspirational videos that focus our attention on giving thanks.

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Gratitude Brings Happiness Image

Sonja Lyubomirsky shows how a simple reminder to count your blessings can have a profound impact.

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An interactive outdoor family program about gratitude and blessings.

Gina Fass
Gina Fass
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Thanksgiving on Sefaria

A collection of sheets on the topic of gratitude and thanking.

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Fun Activities to Add More Gratitude to Our Lives for the Thanksgiving Table!

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closed notebook

Judaism teaches us to practice the middah (Jewish value) of hakarat hatov, or gratitude.

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Scrabble tiles spelling Thank You

Join Gabi and Rafi as they introduce gratitude to young learners!

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Modeh ani text with suggested images for what children might be thankful for

In this activity students to write sentences in Hebrew of what they are thankful for.

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What can we learn from Hanukah about Thanksgiving, and about Giving Thanks?

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