As the crisis in Ukraine continues to develop, educators in all settings are called upon to address feelings and concerns, help explain what is happening, and provide larger historical and political context. 

In this collection you can find resources for many ages and types of learners to help you teach about this crisis thoughtfully. 

As the events continue to unfold, this collection will grow and change. Check back for more materials. 

Ukrainian Flag

Tips from Education Week for talking about current events

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Hand painted as Ukrainian flag

A toolkit from the San Diego County Office of Education

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Tips from PBC SoCal for educators and families

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Teaching Current Events: Educator Guide

This guide offers tools and strategies to help teachers organize discussions on current events in their classrooms.

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Fence painted like the Ukrainian flag

New York Times Learning Network Lesson of the Day

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A three-part lesson plan from The Choices Program at Brown University

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Fence painted like the Ukrainian flag

Historical review worksheet with accompanying maps and reflection questions.

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Ukrainian Flag

A Media Literacy Choice Board for students created by University of Massachusetts Amherst Professors.

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Women holding signs supporting Ukraine

An SEL-focused guide from Sea Change for learners of all ages.

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Thumbnail from Explaining Ukraine k-5 video

Use this video to explain the crisis in Ukraine to young learners.

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Ukrainian Flag

Tips from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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A dad holds and comforts his son

Three poignant suggestions for how to shape a child's reaction to frightening news.

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The Jewish Perspective

Ukrainian Masorti Community

An overview of the Jewish community in Ukraine and the current Ukrainian-Russian crisis.

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Freeing Russian Jewry: The Refuseniks

The international Jewish community united in protest of the Soviet policy against Jewish emigration and rallied for Soviet Jews’ freedom.

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Ukrainian Flag

Leonard Petlakh and David Bryfman discuss how educators can navigate the complexity of the Ukraine conflict.

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On Demand

This webinar will give us the context and tools to facilitate conversations about the current situation in Ukraine.

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The facade of the Colosseum in Lviv

Virtually walk through the streets of Lviv and discover its rich Jewish life.

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Never Again? This Passover Share Thoughts on the War in Ukraine

Moving Traditions invites you to use our new 2022 Passover Seder supplement to discuss “Never again” with the Jewish youth at your table.

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