Past, Present and Memory: Virtual Tour of Jewish Lviv


Pre-war Lviv was the center of the Jewish cultural, religious and political life. Writers, poets, scientists and satirists lived and worked in this city. Thanks to the legacy of these authors we can use our imagination to go back in time to the complex multi-cultural reality of pre-war Lviv. In this virtual walk from the Lviv Center, learners will explore the places related to Jewish life, the places of interaction and cultural exchange as well as the tragic history of Lviv ghetto. This city walk is also an invitation to reflect together on the possibilities and challenges of preserving Jewish heritage for future generations of Lvivians.

This tour can be used in the classroom to explore Jewish life before the war, as well as to give context for modern-day Ukraine and the issues facing Ukranian Jewry now. 



City Walk is one of three tours, developed in frames of the workshop "Lemberg/Lwów/לעמבערג/Львів: literary and artistic paths of a multicultural city" of the Summer school, "Jewish History, common history and heritage, culture, cities, environment"", organized by the Center for Urban History in East-Central Europe on 11 July - 5 August 2016.



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