The Jewish Education Project has curated a list of high-quality Hanukkah resources for every type of learner. With lessons and content for Early Childhood through Teens, as well as resources for addressing different learning styles, Jewish educators will find ample opportunity to write engaging lesson plans to bridge the Miracle of Hanukkah with students' modern lives.

Exploring the story and customs of Hanukkah

Holding the Dark with the Light: A Hadar Hanukkah Companion

Hadar's collection of Hanukkah resources for adults and children.

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Chanukah with the National Library of Israel

Use primary sources from the National Library of Israel to discover a variety of Chanukah/Hanukkah customs.

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Judah the Maccabee Video

This video and classroom discussion questions review the role of Judah the Maccabe and his family in the Chanukah story.

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Drawings from the title page of Masha's Hanukkah letter

Travel back to Jewish life in the Soviet-era through the lens of a young girl's Hanukkah letter.

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A menorah over three heads, each representing a different mode of learning

A comprehensive list of Chanukah activities sorted into multiple learning methods and perspectives.

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Little boy in African village

Explore how Chanukah is reflected in Africa's lack of electricity and what Israel is doing to solve the issue.

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Chanukiah with a value written on each of the eight candles

The eight nights of Chanukah broken into 8 unique values, each with its own lesson plan, questions, and resources.

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Chanukah resources written below dreidels

53 fun and creative activities to make Chanukah come alive in the classroom.

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A hand tapping a virtual menorah sitting on a smart device

Virtual games to learn everything Chanukah: history, dreidel, blessings, and more.

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Cover image for the video "Hanukkah, Hellenization, and Hasmoneans". Text reads "Hanukkah: The True Story"

In this video, the history of Chanukah is examined from its beginnings: politics, wars, sacrifices, and victories.

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Chanukah Mystery

This interactive presentation explores the laws of lighting the chanukiah.

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Going Up? A Chanukah Lesson

This lesson uses texts and guiding questions to discover how and why Chanukah candles are lit.

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Chanukah Padlet - How We Count

This collaborative bulletin board teaches students about the order of candle lighting on Chanukah.

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Introducing Your Chanukiya

Students develop independent learning skills with this fun Chanukah activity.

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The Culture of Sufganiyot

We know these donuts are tasty! But what's their relationship to Chanukkah, Judaism, and Israel?

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Greening Chanukah Guide

The Greening Chanukah Guide offers an overview of Chanukah through the lens of sustainability.

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Image of cast chairs

Explore Hanukkah through art with the Jewish Museum and a unique Menorah.

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Interactive Hanukkah Discovery Kit for grandparents and grandchildren (ages 3–8) to use together — either in person or at a distance.

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Exploring Deeper Themes

The Wonder of Miracles: family/classroom learning activities

This handful of texts—like the small jug of oil—will give you a chance to wonder about miracles in the world around you.

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Sunset over a green hill

A Hanukkah text study about faith, courage and increasing light.

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Illustrated Menorah

What is the connection between Hanukkah, Candles, Miracles and Blessings?

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Leadership and Service: Stepping into the  Shamash Role

Each of us can be a shamash in our own lives, helping to uplift and heal our communities and the world.

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Mental Health Menorah

Build your own mental health menorah, and channel the resilience of the Maccabees into your Hanukkah experience.

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A Balanced Candle Won't Burn Out

In this resource, we will explore the concept of burnout and what we can do to naturally keep our flames burning longer.

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Light Up The Night A Chanukah Conversation Starter

Questions for discussing the message of the Chanukah lights

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