Jewish Heart for Africa

Map of Africa's Electricity Distribution

The distribution of electricity in the continent of Africa

In this unique lesson plan, students connect the ancient miracle of Chanukah light to the 21st century. 97% of African Villagers still live without electricity. Students will use this shocking fact to realize the difficulty of life without electricity, and to learn what Israeli innovation is doing to help the people of Africa. Through real-life narratives of orphaned children living without light, lists of new Israeli technologies breaking ground on this urgent issue, and thoughtful discussion questions, students will make meaningful bonds between the Chanukah Miracle, modern global problems, and the tikkun olam initiatives of the Jewish People.

The Jewish Heart for Africa lesson plan includes the following:

  • Chanukah story discussion and recap
  • Collaborative activities
  • Discussion prompts to relate Chanukah, Africa, and Israel
  • Real-life narratives of children in Africa
  • Electricity map of Africa
  • List of Israeli innovations related to the issue

This lesson plan is published by The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education. It was originally created by Jewish Heart for Africa, which is now known as Innovation: Africa. More information can be found on their website:



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