A collection of resources to explore the relationship between the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., the Jewish community, and social responsibility.

Be sure to also explore our Racial Justice Resource Collection - Responding to the Moment and Beyond and our Racial Justice Playlist created by Kendell Pinkney.


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Honor Dr. King and his legacy with some of these "do, read, discuss" service ideas and activities.

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MLK and Rabbi Heschel marching together with a Sefer Torah

A lesson plan examining the question: What does Martin Luther King, Jr's struggle have to do with Jews today?

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MLK waving to crowd

Lesson plans and worksheets that prompt discussion and lead students to a better understanding of MLK Day.

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MLK Memorial

A blog post by Evan Traylor connecting Dr. King and the biblical figure Moses.

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MLK and Rabbi Heschel marching together

Explore the friendship and activism connecting the lives of MLK and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

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MLK speaking

Sefaria places excerpts from Exodus side-by-side with MLK's speech "I've Been to the Mountaintop."

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Honi and MLK holding up hands

Students will study MLK and Honi Ha-Magel to gain new insights into the holidays of MLK Day and Tu B’Shevat.

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MLK speaking

Grade-specific lessons and opportunities to examine civil rights in the United States past and present.

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National Federation of Temple Youth at the March on Washington on August 28, 1963.

Use images, artifacts, and audio clips to develop a more nuanced understanding of the 1963 March on Washington.

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MLK giving speech

MLK's speeches and ideas in Talmudic form, with relevant Torah excerpts contextualizing his ideas.

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Diverse hands surrounding a Hamsa

Explore the diversity of the Jewish people through stories of several different shades of Judaism.

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Let's talk about race by Julius Lester book cover

Spark a classroom discussion about race through the lens of a Black Jewish convert's story.

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#BlackJewishUnity Week

Three powerful webinars organized by the AJC + National Urban League.

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MLK’s Jewish Connection

You might be surprised to know that Martin Luther King was deeply connected to the Jewish community.

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Black and Jewish Relations

We explore the history of Black-Jewish relations to uncover the good and the bad.

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