Collection | Racial Justice: Responding to the Moment and Beyond

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The murders of George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor has elevated the challenge of systemic racism within this country and raised critical topics for our children/students. In our effort to support educators, we share this collection of resources with the recommendation that they be viewed through three intersecting but distinct lenses that we believe can help frame our learning and action.

  1. Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof: Education in Pursuit of Racial Justice
    How does the Jewish tradition and community manifest and actualize its value of Tzedek, Justice, in relation to racism and related societal inequities?
  2. Diversity and Jewish Education
    What is the diversity within our Jewish community and how do we improve/increase education about and the engagement of ALL individuals within our community?
  3. Engaging with Complexity in Jewish Education
    How do we help our learners develop the skills to consider, engage with, and respond to complex topics and questions?

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Racial Justice Rally

Racial Justice: Featured Resources

While so many of our resources are worthwhile and worth exploring, this section allows us to highlight particular resources that we want to bring to your attention and to the forefront of our conversations. These will be updated from time to time.

Racial Justice Rally

Racial Justice: For Families and Children

Although cliche, it is never too young to start to shape the worldview and how we raise our children.

Racial Justice Rally

Racial Justice: For Educators, Teens, and Our Community

The sampling we offer here is designed to push us and the line between study and action.