Martin Luther King Jr. and the Exodus


The Exodus narrative was a common motif in Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches and writings. He saw himself in the role of Moses, fighting for his people against the Pharaoh of his day, the Jim Crow laws of the South. In this text study, students will read and compare MLK's work and words with the text of Exodus. Leading discussion questions are included as well. Covering many different topics from "G-d is your partner" to "You will not be destroyed", this resource investigates the deep implications and similarities between the Exodus story and the Civil Rights Movement.

This resource includes short excerpts from the Book of Exodus in Hebrew and English, speeches of MLK, and guiding discussion questions.



  • After School and Beyond
  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Teen Engagement
  • Family Engagement