Learn & Celebrate Israel: A Collection of Interactive Virtual Ed Games by The Jewish Education Project

Learn & Celebrate Israel: A collection of interactive virtual ed games

We're happy to share a selection of Israel virtual educational games and activities, home-grown by The Jewish Educational Project, perfect for engaging around Yom HaAtzma'ut. Interactive virtual games are one way to address the challenge of remote learning. Games facilitated in groups or teams require collaboration which improves social skills and tightens bonds and are an effective approach to increase motivation, capture attention and improve concentration. Enjoy and hag Atzma'ut sameach!

Escape the Israel Zoom Room

  • Learn and explore Israel while solving challenges to escape the Zoom room. 

Escape the Israel Zoom Room Answer Key

  • Answer Key to Escape the Israel Zoom Room

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt

  • Uncover new information and insights about Jerusalem

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

  • Answer Key to Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt

Interactive Israel Games

  • Two games developed on Genial.ly platform

Learn-A-Brate Israel - PowerPoint for teaching (PDF version also available)

  • Learn and celebrate Israel while collecting clues from eight challenges that lead to a very unique version of HaTikvah 

Learn-A-Brate Israel - worksheet for groups

  • For groups or teams to manage and capture the answers to the clues they collect.

Learn-A-Brate Israel - facilitator guide and answer key

  • Directions and tips for the facilitator and answer key to each of the eight challenges.



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