If You Will It, It is No Dream!


IsraelLINK's Zionism unit is an interactive resource that enables learners to explore the roots of Zionism and its various manifestations.  Students will receive an introduction to the motivation and ideology of Theodor Herzl, the father of Modern Zionism. Through several examples, students will learn about the different Zionism ideologies with the understanding that today Zionism is expressed as a liberation movement of the Jewish people to achieve self-determination in their ancestral Homeland.  Students will examine the history of "Hatikvah," both the original poem and the national anthem of Israel, and explore their own connection/relation to the sentiments it expresses as well as discover some of the artistic changes made to the existing song.

The IsraelLINK program is designed for student interface.  To use this free version, project the lessons from your computer to a smart board or screen.   Use the student prompts and submissions that are part of activities as discussion points. You may also print out worksheets using the printer icon at the right of your screen if you prefer that your students work 'pen to paper.'



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