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Back to School in Unconventional Times

An online booklet featuring articles by leading youth mental health professionals.

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Mindfulness in Teaching

This Podcast episode is from the Reflective Teacher Podcast a podcast that is produced from JUF in Chicago.

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Smiling child running through sprinklers

Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD on how we can become happier

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Edtech Success

A growing series of video tutorials on using technology in the Judaic Studies and Hebrew classroom.

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Tefillah and Berakhot Resources

Lesson plans, activities, articles and more for teaching about Tefillah and Berakhot.

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Letters that spell out history

Rebecca Brenner Graham discusses the future of history education.

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Upcoming Professional Development

Star of David
Applications due: Aug 30

Learn more about the Better Together grants for intergenerational programming.

Star of David

Learn more about the Better Together grants for intergenerational programming

August 16, 2022 at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT
Applications due: Sep 16

Apply for the Generate Fellowship for teen engagement professionals.

Applications due: Sep 16

Nominate a teen engagement professional for the GENERATE Fellowship.

From our Resource Partners

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An intergenerational program for families with children ages 10–13 explore the value of telling family stories.

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In 1909 when young Jews founded the first kibbutz, they had no idea that they would be forming a symbol of Israel’s rebirth.

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What does it mean to have fear or awe of God? How is that connected to rain? And how do we thank God for sustaining us with food?

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