This collection provides educational resources on the rituals and practices of Jewish life, including birth, B-Mitzvah,  the Jewish wedding,  divorce, and death and mourning.  It also includes resources on exploring Jewish lifecycle events as a deeper exploration of Jewish diversity and the evolution of Jewish practice.  

Educators can use these resources with families who are going through these life stages, or use them to teach groups of learners about the lifecycle rituals and traditions. 

Birth and Naming

Bimbam Baby Naming Video

Animated videos to introduce the rituals of welcoming a baby into the Jewish community.

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brit shemot

This is a naming ritual guide that can be used for all children

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 A Song for My Sister - Book Cover

A PJ Library book-based family program on naming a Jewish child.

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B Mitzvah

BimBam: What to Expect at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah

An animated video on what to expect at a B'nei Mitzvah Celebration

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Illustration of women going up to the Bimah

Resources to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Bat Mitzvah in many settings.

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These guides can support students in writing the D’var Torah with guidelines to express and organize their thoughts.

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Teen Group at the Ocean

This lesson supports teens in creating a Jewish ritual for the transitoin beyong high school.

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Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Explore one girl's campaign to have the first Saturday morning Bat Mitzvah in her congregation.

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13 Questions About B-Mitzvah Quiz

This quiz is about the history of B-Mitzvah.

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Torah blessings

Torah blessings developed to honor parents of other faith backgrounds.

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Steps for clergy and educators to imagine what is possible for the B-Mitzvah teen with disabilities.

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Bat Mitzvah Celebration

This guide highlights b’nai mitzvah models developed throughout North America that can spark innovation.

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Life Transitions

This lesson explores how students can use ritual to mark life transitions.

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Bimbam Conversion Video

An animated video on the process of adopting Judaism as a Jew by choice.  

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Bimbam Jewish Wedding Video

A collection of animated videos to support sharing the symbols and rituals of a Jewish wedding and divorce.

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Sunrise Sunset

Reading guide for the book "Sunrise Sunset" asks "how can we savor each moment?"

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A guide for helping kids know what to expect at a Jewish wedding.

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Death and Mourning

teaching about death

An article about how one funeral home's staff engage children in conversation about death.

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Jewish gravestones

In this episode, Rabbi Melanie Levav discusses the Jewish views on death and dying.

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Jewish Mourning Rituals

Animated vidoes that explore the symbols and rituals of Jewish mourning practices.  

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A Star of David on a gate to a cemetery with tombstones in background

Rabbi Melanie Levav and David Bryfman discuss talking about death and dying in Jewish education.

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