The Jewish Education Project is releasing this collection in response to Antisemitic events in the world. 

Additional resources on antisemitism and anti-Zionism can be found here.  

Watch After Colleyville: Discussing Trauma, Security, and Safety with Students, a conversation between David Bryfman, CEO of The Jewish Education Project, Dr. Betsy Stone, and Rabbi Elizabeth Zeller.

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A conversation about antisemitism, Jewish teens & tweens, and this unique moment.

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Jewish Education Amidst Rising Antisemitism - Video Interviews

This playlist of video interviews includes important insights on how to help our students and ourselves amidst the rising antisemitism of today.

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Caring for our students and ourselves in the face of antisemitism - video series

These videos give educators tools for helping our students through these troubling times.

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Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath discusses the world's oldest hatred.

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Join us to access an educator’s toolkit to help learners combat antisemitism

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Before diving into conversations about Anti Semitism with young people, learn more using these resources.

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The Mutation of Antisemitism

The Mutation of Antisemitism is a video introduction to how antisemitism has changed.

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Talking With Teens About Antisemitism, Racism, & Mental Health in Response to Kanye West

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Illustration of people on social media

This mini-lesson explores celebrity influence and online hate, specifically antisemitism.

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Unpack these antisemitic comments and use them to create discussion around responding to antisemitism writ large.

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Shine a Light Copy

A national initiative to create a collective light of celebration and spread the joy of Chanukah.

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A resource library from Facing History and Ourselves

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The Persistence of Hate: What the 2017 Unite the Right Rally Revealed about Contemporary Antisemitism

This lesson is designed to help students better understand contemporary antisemitism in the U.S.

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Is Antisemitism Still Relevant?

History has shown that societies suffer where antisemitism is prevalent.

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Why Is Antisemitism Still Around?

Why is it that even post-Holocaust, Jews experience a large percentage of the world’s hate crimes?

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List of stereotypes and tropes/actions/behaviors that are associated with antisemitism.

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Antisemitism Definition

Strategies, lesson plans, and resources to assist teachers in approaching this difficult topic in the classroom.

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Antisemitism Training Video preview

This video charts the history of antisemitism from its origins until today.

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A collection of resources to support educators in speaking to learners about antisemitism.

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How to Teach Critical Consumption of Media

This video teaches students how to become critical consumers of media.

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How to Recognize Antisemitic Tropes and Why They Matter

This video, part of The Lookstein Center's series about how to talk to students about antisemitism, explores common antisemitic tropes and how to recognize them.

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Resources to Support Understanding and Student Wellness

On Demand

David Bryfman, Dr. Betsy Stone, and Rabbi Elizabeth Zeller discuss supporting ourseleves and others.

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Congregation Beth Israel

A guide to responding to the synagogue attack in Colleyville, TX.

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Adult and child holding hands

A helpful collection of advice, resources, and books for children.

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