Adapting Podcast: #antisemitism and Empowering Gen Z


Antisemitism is often referred to as the world’s oldest hatred, and perhaps it is not surprising that it's rearing its ugly head again in popular and sporting culture today. Now, with Ye, Kyrie, and Dave Chappelle at the forefront of educators' minds, it is as important as ever to analyze and discuss these issues with their learners – and the broader Jewish community must support and empower them to do so.

Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath

Joining David Bryfman on this week’s episode is Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath, Gen Z expert and author of #antisemitism: Coming of Age during the Resurgence of Hate. They discuss her groundbreaking research on how antisemitism is affecting the younger generation through social media and celebrities, and how educators can embolden the next generation to respond to hate and instill Jewish pride.

This episode was produced by Dina Nusnbaum and Miranda Lapides.

The show’s executive producers are David Bryfman, Karen Cummins, and Nessa Liben. This episode was engineered and edited by Nathan J. Vaughan of NJV Media.

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